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  • New and summery 7.6.2019

    Get on your bike, and start pedaling! ūüö≤

    In the beginning of May started the Finnish nationwide bike week and a fix your bike day. The landscapes and sights of the Tuusulanjärvi lake offer some great settings for a relaxing ride!

    Search ‚ÄėTuusula‚Äô from the Nomadi app and choose your direction. The route has a podcast feature, so you can listen the story, that begins when you arrive to the poi.


    Vivatechnology 2019

    Vivatechnology 2019 in Porte de Versailles, Paris, showed new ideas, crazy and implementable.

    Would you like to have a kittenface robot at home to chat with you? The side event at the University of Paris-Saclay gathers together entrepreneurs, investors, students and corporations.


    Culture Greets Sports

    The City of Turku has a number of Cultural Excersice routes available on mobile app of Nomadi.

    Get yours on app.citynomadi.com and search for Turku!

    Watch the video.

    Your Choice!

    The City of Turku offers tours for culture either for groups or lead by a mobile app, Nomadi app.

    Check out the timetable of next week and take all of them either with a group, with your pal or alone. There are at least 15 mobile routes of culture in Turku, maybe even more to choose from!


    Collecting fruits of the service design in Hiedanranta!

    During the June we were happy to offer a WellNomadi project for the experience design team of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The ideas were tested with school kids and with elderly people, and the feedback has been unanimously positive!


    Art is back in the Finlayson area!

    Finlayson Art Area is now open for this summer. This year there are works of 12 artists and three writers, and you can get familiar with them by using Nomadi’s mobile map. You will find it by searching Finlayson Art Area 2019.

    Finlayson Art Area




  • New things along the spring on Nomadi!

    We are now working also on smart city solutions!

    Citynomadi is proud to be involved in developing its Smart City services and its IoT presentations on the Kasvu Open Smart City growth path. ‘Cities’ is one of our business areas and we are happy to be among the 15 most competitive ideas. The jury was tough, including experts in construction, electronics and urban planning.

    Read more!

    Orientation beam is now also in iOS!

    With the latest iOS update the orientation beam that show your direction, is also visible on iPhone and iPad. So refresh your Nomadi app and see how it shows you the way!

    Spring brought the archipelago tourism!

    Summer is approaching fast, and the archipelago invites you for a visit! So here we introduce interesting destinations and services in Askainen and Livonsaari! This brand new route can be found from the Nomadi app under the name Askainen.


    Askainen – Suomen paras maa‚Äč


    Tutorial videos are handy for the route makers!

    We want to remind the route makers that you will find the WebTuner Guide when you log in to WebTuner. It contains also short videos, that demonstrate all the steps of route making. All video tutorials are also available on the playlists of our YouTube channel Citynomadi.

    Video tutorials

  • Orientation beam on the map!

    Now you can mark areas on the map!

    There is a new feature on the WebTuner and Nomadi Android. You can mark the whole areas, and as with points of interest, they will activate, when visiting them. Remember to refresh your Nomadi app, and you are ready to go!


    Polygonit Tampere

    Spotty shows you the way!

    It is important to perceive your location when reading the map. Nomadi’s own spotty has got a new look, and an orientation beam that shows your direction.

    Finland shone at the Bett Education Show!

    Citynomadi was one of the exhibitors at the VisitFinland stand. The Finnish booth was a success! Everyone wants to know, how Finland does it.

    Citynomadi has a tool for schools, called SchoolNomadi, where pupils are able to create learning paths and gamificate them according to teachers’ guidance. Ask for more!

    Nadja Osipova
    +358 404840177

    2019Bett Merja ja Nadja

    Watch how we are doing in New York!

    Citynomadi is one of those nine Finnish companies to be taken to US markets by Kasvun Roihu in February. You can see our phases of the trip by following our social media channels, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    If you want to know more, what this is all about, read this.


  • Orientation can’t get any easier!

    orientation beam akvarelli tre


    Orientation beam shows you the way!

    Nomadi has now a new location mark, that shows you with the orientation beam, which direction you are going.

    The Lumo Light Festival gathered people around the light!

    This year’s Lumo Light Festival was concentrated around the Oulu city centre and spanned only one weekend. Once again, the festival was highly international, and most of the artworks have received their Finnish premieres in Oulu and Lumo. The selection have featured also many pieces made by local artists and communities from Oulu.

    If you didn‚Äôt make it to see it live, search Nomadi’s Lumo Light Festival 2018 route, and get in the light in the middle of darkness!

    LUMO Light Festival Oulu

    Tiera’s Digital Learning Day grows year by year!

    On November 23 we participated again in Digital Learning Day in Ruoholahti, organised by Tiera. The event gathered a lot of teachers, people of the education sector as well as different organisations  of the learning sphere to hear about new ways of learning technological methods.


    Read more about Tiera!

    Nomadis around the world!

    In November Nomadis have participated in many events.

    For the Smart City Barcelona we have made the indoor location pilot by the Nordic Pavillion with feedback form and the IoT sensors sensing temperature. Next year with new tricks

    We were at the Aidex2018 fair in Brussels, together with Business Finland.

    We were among fifteen Finnish companies at the Aidex2018, at Business Finland’s stand to introduce

    products and services for humanitarian purposes. Map services are clearly actual, whether it is about crowd sourcing, guiding, or communicating between different groups of people.

    See some examples of humanitarian maps!

    Aidex2018 Blog: Nomadi museum app helps immigrants to integrate



    Let’s go to the Ice Age of Lahti!

    What a staggering thought, that the earth under our feet has been under a thick layer of ice. The geological route of the Lahti city illustrates brilliantly, how the terrain has molded into its current form, over the years.

    Open the Nomadi app, and search the route with a headword Lahti!




  • Hurray, updated Nomadi!


    Now the hardest work is done, so the Nomadi app and citynomadi.com are handier than ever!

    On the indoor routes you can switch from floor to floor!  

    The museum tours have often lots to see, on several floors. On the Nomadi app map you can choose and change the floor from the right side of the screen. The same way you can get to know museum’s gems from your home couch on the browser. Handy, isn’t it?

    Joensuu Art Museum Onni

    North Karelian Museum Hilma


    Now you have languages to choose from!

    In the Citynomadi concept there are also plenty of language options for the routes, including the logographic languages.

    Track your own route on Android!

    The Nomadi’s tracker has been updated, so you can now easily make your own tracks on your Android device, right on the go. Click New route from the Nomadi’s menu, and it’s ready to use. You can publish the route on citynomadi.com, on the Community side.


    How-to video clips to help the route makers

    Within our updates, the map platform Web Tuner has changed a little bit as well. That’s why we will  soon make the new manual videos, that helps users with the easy page tool. We will publish the videos on our You Tube channel and on the Web Tuner manual.

    In the Mindtrek event we presented the immersive technology!

    On the first day of Mindtrek event, Merja and staff of the Moomin Museum told how you can use technology in creating experiences. After the presentation, audience got to the museum tour to see in practice, what the immersive technology means, and how it is used in the Moomin Museum. Remember to download the free Muumimuseo app when you visit the museum, and see for yourself.

    Muumimuseo app on App Store

    Muumimuseo app on Google Play


  • In about a week, Citynomadi will work even better!


    During next week on Monday 17th and on Tuesday 18th citynomadi.com will have short maintenance breaks. Routes that are downloaded on the Nomadi app will work normally, but in online use there might be some cuts. Disruptions also apply to the embedded routes on customers web sites.

    Download the routes in advance, and no headache about the maintenance break!

    Now you can visit the Hilma and Onni museums with a mobile guide!

    North Karelian Museum Hilma and Joensuu Art Museum Onni, presents you Citynomadi’s mobile map, that will guide you in Finnish, English, Russian, Arabic and Finnish plain language. Enjoy the culture and art!

    juliste-pohja-oikeareunaCitynomadia5 englanti

    Nuuksio National Park got its own nature pilgrim route!

    Nuuksio National Park has opened a Nature Pilgrim Route on a Finnish Nature Day.  You can find this route from the Nomadi application as a little pilgrimage to Nuuksio.

    Content of the pilgrimage route is written by environmental scientist Panu Pihkala. He hopes that the path will strengthen links between people and the nature, and will help to preserve the environment.

    29.8 was a big day for the Ylöjärvi city!

    The legendary Finnish band was celebrated in its hometown Yl√∂j√§rvi, where a sculpture was reveiled to its honor, at the City Hall square. Nomadi has also published a route, in which the points of interest are related to the band’s phases, and so the main part of the stories is told by the band members.

    You can search the route by the headword Ylöjärvi.

    Visit Finland’s own Peterhof!

    Why to go abroad, to see beautiful parks, when you can go to Kitee in Finland as well? There you can admire the medical herbs, roses and wild animals, that are often visiting the area.

    From the Nomadi app you will find a beautiful map, from which you get to know the hundreds of years old local traditions.

    Pietarhovi uusi

  • Sailing in the archipelagos this summer!

    General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR 


    We have carefully followed the requirements of the GDPR of EU, which took into effect on May 25 2018. Therefore we have renewed the data protection description of ours. It is available on citynomadi.com. It includes the detailed information of our principles to handle and protect the data of our service and CRM.

    If you decide not to receive our newsletter, which will be published ten to twelve times a year, please inform us. You can unsubscribe the newsletter at the end of this newsletter or you can send us a notification to the email address NomadiNews@citynomadi.com.

    In Iniö you can spend a day or another having fun!

    Pro Iniö has published a route in the Iniö archipelago at the end of May, when the ferries started summer cruising. The route has gained some great popularity among the visitors, but also among the local entrepreneurs, who wanted to be seen, and tell their stories on the mobile map. The popularity has not popped up by itself, but with some active marketing, that will still continue, as in Iniö is enough things to see and do all year round.

    You can see all the events of Iniö archipelago on the website of Parainen.

    Inion uusi kartta

    Nallikarin Tusinan Go! game in the Fast experiments!

    Citynomadi participated in the Business Oulu’s Fast Experiments project, where we implemented a game tour along with the local enterpreneurs in Nallikari. Nallikarin Tusinan Go! route includes activities and services, but also photogenic places, as the Nallikari‚Äôs Lighthouse is on the third place of the most photographed Finnish places on the Instagram.

    Even if the actual trial period lasted only for one month, the game can still be played until the spring 2019.

    nallikari A6 flyer

    Give the game feedback here, we will raffle the prize winner among the respondents!

    Seurasaari Midummer Bonfires was celebrated on the Nomadi map!

    Midsummer was once again celebrated on the Seurasaari island, with traditional Finnish festivities. This year, there was also a Citynomadi’s event map that guided people to the program sites. Search Seurasaari Midsummer Bonfires route from the Nomadi app, and look where the most brilliant Midsummer dances were danced and where was the brightest Midsummer bonfire!


    Citynomadi was chosen as one of¬†the best products in the water system tourism!‚Äč

    During 2016‚Äď2018, the Island Committee and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry conducted and funded a survey project concerning the best products and operating models in tourism related to the islands, coastal areas and inland waters of Finland. The final report includes descriptions of 80 products and 16 operating models from Finland and abroad, where Citynomadi was one of them.

    You can read the report summary in English here‚Äč, pages 17-19.

    Dive into the world of the colors and art in Finlayson!

    Finlayson Art Area is once again delighting us with its colors and the art works of professional artists. You can read about the artists and their works by visiting the Citynomadi’s map, or search¬† Finlayson Art Area route, from the Nomadi app.

    Watch also the video!

    Get the FREE Nomadi app for your adventures on app.citynomadi.com

    Please, find some time to rate it on the application store!

  • Hikes and events!

    Citynomadi had a great time at VivaTechnology!

    Orange Lab


    vt pitch

    At the VivaTechnology event in Paris, Citynomadi had a stand at the booth of the Orange LAB. We had some fun and busy time for all three days, pitching, chatting and networking!

    See for more information here

    From VivaTech’s Big List you will see all the companies that attended the fair.


    Some interesting discussions on archipelago and watercourse tourism!


    The Island Committee and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry organized the final report, briefing session and seminar about the Good products of the archipelago and watercourse tourism project on 22.5, where Citynomadi participated in a panel discussion with representatives of companies, involved in the project. It discussed about,  the development of watercourse tourism and the future prospects on the basis of the themes discussed in the report.

    Read more about the project here

    Hindsby’s route was published in Sipoo!


    There is some unique features in the nature of the Sipoonkorpi National Park, that you can explore and admire in the Hindsbyn kierros route. We had a chance to celebrate the opening of the route in one of its destinations, Restaurant Tila, where besides our wonderful hosts, we were welcomed by friendly dogs, handsome roosters and grazing sheep.

    To get to Nomad’s Hindsby route, search ‚ÄėHindsbyn kierros’, or if you are already in Sipoo, you will find it in ‘Here and Now’. It’s a good idea to download the route to your mobile device’s memory, and use it offline, to to be sure of getting to your destination and back.


  • Experience something new in Lapland!

    In Tonttula – Elves Hideaway, you will not miss the flames of the sky!

    The Aurora Watcher sends a push notification on your smartphone, about the visibility of the northern lights, by showing the glow on the screen and with sound alarm.

    Tonttula – Elves Hideaway in Levi, has published the Tonttula app! However, it is not just an application, but it also contains some very specific information.

    Now you no longer need to be in the guard of the night sky, and wait to see some revelations of the Northern Lights. By downloading the free Tonttula – Elves Hideaway app, it’s Aurora Watcher will do it for you!

    There are three open-source data used in the unique Aurora Watcher, and it is first of its kind. The probability of the Northern Lights is reported, based on Levi and Sodankyl√§ region’s magnetic field of the upper atmosphere observations, sun rise and sun set time data and cloudiness information.

    Search the Tonttula – Elves hideaway in Google Play

    Search the Tonttula – Elves hideaway app in App Store

    #Tonttula #ElvesHideaway #Levi #Lapland #Finland #app #NorthernLights #AuroraWatcher




    Tarinakylät РVillage Stories app presents the magnificent villages of Lapland!

    In the winter time you can do much more than just ski in Lapland. Six idyllic and legendary villages of Lapland, offer besides fantastic views, also lots of funny and exciting stories, and narration about how people used to live there and how they live today. There is a video story on the each point of interest of the village.

    Watch the video!

    You can download the Tarinakyl√§t – Village Stories app for free, and choose Finnish or English from the language options. By downloading the village route to your phone’s memory, you can also use it offline!

    Search the Tarinakylät РVillage Stories app from Google Play

    Search the Tarinakylät РVillage Stories app in App Store

    #Lapland #VillageStories #app #Sodankylä #Kemijärvi #Pelkosenniemi #map #NorthernLights



  • Together for the better services!

    During the month of February, we have been involved in many different projects. Services and everyday fluency have become a very important topic nowdays, both in Finland and internationally. With great enthusiasm, interest and know-how we bring our own contribution to the development of services and teaching.

    In the DOBit network, we put the heads together!

    We assembled with the DOBit network (Datasta oivalluksia ja bisnestä), hosted by Forum Virium Helsinki. One aim of the co-operation is to make cities even smarter and more efficient by combining data analytics and service design!

    Read more from the COSS 

    article #DOBit #ForumViriumHelsinki #COSS #Citynomadi #SmartCity#dataanalytics #servicedesign

    PINO Network and the Polar Bear Pitching!


    Citynomadi presented SchoolNomadi at the Polar Bear Pitching in Oulu Areena, at the PINO Networking stand. Pino Network represents and promotes Nordic innovations in the field of education. The pitches in the icy water of the Baltic Sea, offered some shivery atmosphere.

    #PolarBearPitching #Oulu #Citynomadi #OuluAreena

    Go Digital!


    Citynomadi participated in KETI GoDigital! event, which was helping the local entrepreneurs to get more familiar with technology. Together with some other technology companies, Citynomadi was telling about our services and how the companies in Central Karelia could benefit by using them.