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The free Nomadi app offers features like offline maps and indoor positioning on selected routes.

Customer stories

3D maps at the built environment – seamlessly covers both indoors and outdoors

In the real estate, such as a hospital, the role of buildings in guidance and maintenance is emphasized.

Utilization of seamless 3D models both indoors and outdoors lowers the barrier for visitors to follow the guidance and the maintenance to keep it fresh.

3D wayfinding seamlessly in indoor and outdoor areas

  • Digital twin offers relevant and up-to-date information
  • Highlights details of the architecture
  • Points out the quality passage ways for accessibility

From the parking lot to the polyclinic in five minutes – really?

The hospital campus area web application guides the user precisely to services and entrances. You can see free parking lots and check the time of departure of your bus straight from the application.

Without good digital guidance the last mile of your journey can be very long. The solution is here:

Campus area approach map

  • API to open data and IoT feed
  • 3D models
  • Real-time information

Traffic hub – smooth traffic flow and a stress-free journey!

When getting to your destination from the subway platform, you can get lost. We developed a reliable, dialogic step by step guide for your phone.

Citynomadi’s wayfinding will guide you in places where addresses are unclear and physical signposts are not enough.

Wayfinding seamlessly in indoor and outdoor areas

  • NEW! We offer a handy and unique maintenance and editing tool for our customers
  • Navigation between floors
  • Length and duration of the journey
  • Optimal and accessible route

Indoor guidance helps you navigate inside buildings

It is good to know where you are, even inside buildings. The indoor guidance and smart search will help you find important locations.

The content of the map is building-specific, activating inside the building.

The Moomin Museum tells the story of the Moomins audiovisually in five languages in the Adroid and iOS apps.

  • Indoor guidance with different technologies
  • Seamless transition from outdoors to indoors
  • Indoor map tailored to purpose of use

Finding the right information, at the right time, in the right place

All information has a location, and oftentimes depicting the accuracy of that location precisely is critical. API integrations enrich the map interface servicing the users of the application diversely. is an accurate map search service, which displays the location of individual graves in the Citynomadi SaaS map service.

  • The concept is scalable
  • Two-way connection of data sources
  • Fast and easy location search

Necessary event information and service locations are clear - focus on having fun!

Event map provides a safe framework for moving around the area. The area's service points, barrier-free access and exit routes and gates.

  • Parallel maps for different user groups
  • Extensive closure times and real time information
  • Easy access by embedded web map or QR-code

Interactive guide maps for historical sites

Citynomadi’s concept enables the integration of a digital area map into a more extensive approach map. The rich media and content of the POI’s guide you during your trip.

Guide map for historical sites

  • Language options
  • Customizable layout
  • Detailed area map

Map tool for crowdsourcing

Precise locations acquired by crowdsourcing and data collection give meaning to individual phenomena. TiiraNomadi is an Android app, which was made in collaboration with Birdlife Finland for crowdsourcing bird sightings.

  • API feed to customer’s database
  • Tailored form for data input
  • Offline use without mobile data