Citynomadi visualises interactivity and operations on maps for urban and rural environment. We also work inside buildings and have a seamless service for outdoors and indoors.

Our company was established in 2009 and is located in Tampere, Finland.

Customer Testimonials

  • "The reach our target to get a mobile travel service with Citynomadi has been fruitful, flexible and supported the vision of Southeast135. The clear way of offering the service packages makes the costs predictable. I warmly recommend the mobile of Citynomadi for any organisation!"

    Noora Kiili, producer, Southeast135° - The Coast Of Good Winds, Cursor Ltd

  • "Works well without Internet connection, we have received praise for this."

    Heli Karjalainen, Salla

  • "We produced ‘Museum Without Walls’ mobile pilot together with Citynomadi. Business was smooth, Citynomadi’s people were listening to their customers and everything happened in time."

    Kimmo Levä, secretary General, Finnish Museums Association

  • "We are Citynomadi’s long-term customers, so we are happy with the service."

    Lennart Pettersson, Project Manager, City of Espoo

  • "The tourism of City of Porvoo has been working with Citynomadi since 2012. The business partnership with Citynomadi has opened new doors to promote Porvoo for visitors. We have had a pleasure to work with the pro, flexible and visionary citynomadis."

    Sari Myllynen, head of tourism and marketing, City of Porvoo

  • "Smooth and nice collaboration!"

    Tarja Rautiainen, CEO, Visit Naantali

  • "Straightforward and very pleasant partnership. Getting help to problems has been straightforward and clear."

    Marja Louni, intendant, Kuopio Art Museum

  • "Feeling like a winner: now we have all the churches and texts in the right places. It's easy to continue from here. And the app sure is easy and clear to update."

    Sari Lehti, 7 churches route

  • "Cooperation was very good"

    Jenna Ylipuranen, Tourist Information Officer, City of Rauma

  • "Cooperation with Citynomadi is straightforward and smooth. The system itself is easy to use and brings more opportunities to customer oriented servicescape."

    Petri Saastamoinen, Director of Sales, Visit Inari

  • "People download less and less new apps these days, especially if they won’t use them much. We chose Nomadi as the platform for our routes because it is already widely used in our area."

    Juha Ryhänen, Espoo Congregation Consortium

  • "With Nomadi, it is easy to execute additional events in the shopping centre."

    Mirva Lemmetty, Head of marketing, Shopping Centre Willa

  • "Set goals have been reached and collaboration has been very smooth."

    Anni Joela, project Manager, City of Tampere

  • "We have been happy with the Citynomadi solution, which we have been using for over five years."

    Aki Arkiomaa, BirdLife Suomi

  • "Flexible operations while creating the Tarinakylät app."

    Marjo Harjula, VisitSodankylä

  • "Easy and good cooperation. The platform is extremely easy to use."

    Tiia Korhonen, Punkalaidun

  • "The job got done commendably efficiently."

    Laura Tervo, Municipality of Sodankylä

  • "Citynomadi offered friendly and professional customer service for us who feel clumsy when using mobile services. "

    Talvikki Torppa, cultural coordinator, Municipality of Lempäälä