Here you can find some basic information on Citynomadi's apps.

  • Nomadi


    Nomadi is Citynomadi’s app. Use it OFFLINE with our a constant mobile data after downloaded the routes, maps and content, on your mobile device. Or ... browse the routes online and choose your favourites. With Nomadi app you can - Make an unexpected adventure anywhere in the world - Take a location selfie and share it along a written note to your audience - Search, view and download the routes made by Citynomadi Premium and Community users. - Find your way - Create your own routes and tell the anecdotes on a map - Share your routes to your peers - Use the Premium routes by our business clients - Use the Community routes by our individual users Nomadi shows your location on a map, and you’ll get the routes closets to you easily. Nomadi is available on your application Store whether you are a Android, iOS or Windows 8 Phone user.

  • Tuner


    WebTuner is an easy-to -use location based data publishing tool. It’s available for both our Premium and Community users. Premium routes are by our business clients and Community routes are by our individual users. Community routes are for anyone, so be brave and create your credentials and start to tune. With WebTuner you can - Tell your story wherever, we have the global coverage - Share information - Tune your Nomadi made route - Modify and up-to-date your existing routes - Add media content: photos, audio and video - Change the icons of the points of interest and modify the GPS radius - Create the gaming routes - Add language versions - And much more WebTuner is handy, but we'll train you if you need more advise! Ask for more!

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