• TravelNomadi


    Show the main attractions and hidden treasures of your near about. That’s what the tourists are after.

  • OutdoorNomadi


    Outdoor, nature path and wilderness are easily reachable with the OutdoorNomadi. It will lead you anywhere without a constant mobile data, offline. GPS will keep you on a track. Feel all the four seasons and enjoy the rough weather safely.

  • VillageNomadi


    VillageNomadi has the voice of history, inhabitants and athmosphere of the villages.

  • EnvironmentNomadi


    By combining maps, open sources and satellite data it is possiible to create a valid base information for crowdsourcing a set topic.

  • WellNomadi


    Just 30 minutes exercise a day is enough to keep you fit and 20 minutes in a green environment lowers your blood pressure.

  • GameNomadi


    By gaming you would already be there! You are part of the game. The city game introduces you to the atmosphere, art, architecture, history …

  • SchoolNomadi


    Out of the classroom! The schools are able to utilize the tablets and the pupils utilize their social media skills.

  • MuseumNomadi


    MuseumNomadi allows the museum exhibitions to go to the streets. Open your eyes and feel the art, local history, architecture!

  • AudioNomadi


    Have the plugs in your ears, and let the voices take you by the hand. AudioNomadi offers maps, texts and content windows in addition.

  • CultureNomadi


    Take a breather, and let the CultureNomadi to point out the most remarkable cultural moments and monuments wherever you go!

  • MovieNomadi


    The friends of movies like to travel to the true locations of the movies and to the shooting places to go through the whole story once again. They wish to see, hear and feel the environment.

  • HistoryNomadi


    The places modify but the history stays. Historical sites are highly interesting. Introduce the hidden history in an interesting way by combining the present to the historical facts!

  • EventMap


    Don’t worry ‘what and where’ anymore! Combine the events from here and there to one easy-to-use map through a common interface. It’s easy to maintain due to our SaaS cloud service.

  • Own wall


    Let the map to be found, leave all the barriers between you and your clients behind! Embed Citynomadi’s themed route maps on your and your affiliates’ web sites.

  • Brand Nomadi

    Brand Nomadi

    The app of our own, of course! We’ll provide you the white label according to your brand for the Android-, iOS- (both iPhone and Pad) and Windows 8 Phone users very cost effectively.

  • SmartNomadi


    For inhabitants, tourists and just moved people. SmartNomadi offers a possibility to get familiar to the events, service and main attractions of the town quickly and easily.

  • OpenDataNomadi


    The open source data enriches the map, gives a value added to the locations. Have a look at the City of Helsinki map, where the silent areas and outdoor exercise equipments are located.

  • WebTuner


    Follow the paths of your own! DIY - do it yourself. Tune your paths and share them with your peers. Web-Tuner is free of charge for the individual users.

  • SelfieNomadi


    Everyone wants to give opinions and memorize! Here’s an easy way to do both. Eager your clients to comment, take a selfie or give opinions via Nomadi!

  • CodeNomadi


    Have you thought of giving out your route for an exclusive audience only? Here you are, a perfect solution!

  • MapNomadi


    Does the map matter? Yes it does!

  • QrNomadi


    The QR-code is handy and informative. Often there’s no need for complicated technical solution and QR is working fine!

  • ShopNomadi


    We’ve produced a fine merchant service for the city of Porvoo! On all of the route maps of Porvoo area there are the shops, cafes and restaurants easily available.

  • TrainingNomadi


    Would you like to know more about the location based data, how’s your idea of applying location based data, makind apps, how to cope with the application stores, coding, the trends of social media…

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    Mascot by Mia Ristimäki / a bit more

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